GOG.com (Good Old Games)

We’ve talked a lot about playing games here and on the podcast, but we haven’t gotten very detailed on the how we play those games. That’s probably not going to change, but we do want to point out that whenever still possible, we try to support these makers (and distributors) of these games.

One of the best places to buy and play these games (on the up-and-up) is GOG.com. If you haven’t heard of GOG, it stands for “Good Old Games” and that’s just what it is: a great hub for games to go to in order to discover new great games, or rediscover old gems–such as the majority of the game we talk about here.

No while they don’t have every single LucasArts there, they have a lot of them. In fact, that’s where we bought the newly remastered Day Of the Tentacle. Plus they have most of the Double Fine games as well (Tim Schafer’s company).

And on top of all that, most of their games are less than $15. And most of their old LucasArts games are $5 or less. Plus they have sales on those old games often.

Anyway, enough of unpaid plug, I just figured I’d pass that along to you. Go give them some business and hopefully you’ll be able to what you’re looking for there. And as always, let us know if you’re ever having trouble finding a game. Enjoy!

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