Episode 53:


Happy Halloween!!! Hopefully you’re finding fun ways to celebrate the spookiest of holidays, full of plenty of candy and terrors–I know we are! We played the terrifying and surprisingly thoughtful and story-centric tale Little Nightmares, and we’re bringing it to you a week early so you can rightfully celebrate All Hallows’ Eve with our scariest episode ever. We were also honoured to have the other half of Corrigan’s Jack Of All Graves podcast, Mark Lewis, join us and equally excited for his pronunciation of the word “bears”. Get psyched!

After some goofs and some spoofs, we get into the development side of things (12:00) and eventually dive into a spoiler-full gameplay discussion (20:00). We play a lovely game Ben made up on the spot called “3 Questions” (45:30), and then get into a slimy, yet satisfying match of “What’s The Drink? What’s The Song” (62:30). Eventually we power up the ol’ Recommendation Station (70:45), and finish things off nicely with a little MOLMF In The News (86:45) and next months game! We did it!

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  • Corrigan’s drink was a shot of well whiskey and her song was “You Die” by Alanis Morissette
  • Mark’s drink was a fancy cocktail from The Alchemist in Oxford and his song was an eery version of a childhood favorite played on a vinyl record on the other side of the house
  • Jason’s drink was a Bloody Mary and his song was All the Good that Won’t Come Out” by Rilo Kiley
  • Ben’s drink was Deschutes Abyss and his song was “The Nephilim” by AFI

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