Episode 52:

Never Alone

We downloaded this game YEARS ago, so it’s a pleasure to finally get to talk about it as we welcome in Dr. Wendi Sierra onto the pod as a scholar, game developer, writer, and Oneida tribe member.

We start off getting into who Wendi is and diving into her area of research, then we dive into the game itself and all of our experiences playing it. After a bit of that we have a lengthy game of “What’s The Drink? What’s The Song?” (37:00), then take a trip on the magical Recommendation Station (47:30), and a lovely little ride on the MOLMF In The News Ferry (67:15). Then we end things talking about next month’s game aaaaaand that’s it. Enjoy!

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  • Oh also, make sure you check out Victor Burgos Games! Really looking forward to Neko Ghost, Jump!
  • And here’s David Fox’s reply regarding disappearing characters.
  • Wendi’s drink was Kombucha and her song was “Wolf Totem” by The HU
  • Ben’s drink was Laphroaig Lore and his song was “Blink (One Million Miles)” by Keegan DeWitt sung by Kiersey Clemons from the Hearts Beat Loud soundtrack
  • Jason’s drink was Great Value Cherry Limeade and his song was Corri’s crystal light song
  • Corrigan’s drink was Hot Chocolate and her song didn’t quite make it this month

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