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Game of Thrones – Season 1

If you listened to last week’s podcast, then you know we’re currently playing Telltale Game’s Game of Thrones. We’re only a week in, and we’re already halfway done with this thing. If you’re prone to binge-watching Game of Thrones episodes, then beware: it’s very easy to do so with this game.

We’re playing this game on our iOS devices, but you can also download this game on

Two quick apologies:

  1. We apologize for the price of this game. In most mediums/consoles it’s selling for about $30–an awful lot compared to our normal games. It’s a really fun, entertaining game for sure, but that’s more than a lot of our listeners expected. (It’s a little cheaper on consoles ($20), compared to phones/computers.)
  2. This is our first NSFW game, and they’ll be few and far between. Sorry about that, kiddos. We promise the podcast we record will be plenty SFW tho. No worries there.


The podcast episode for this game will drop on September 2. That should do it for now. Hope you all enjoy the game!

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