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Stranger Things


On today’s show, Jason and Ben sit down and chat all about the latest Netflix sensation: Stranger Things. The Duffer Brothers’ creation has caught our attention and the connections to retro gaming are plentiful. We chat about everything from the scientific evidence of the 5th dimension, to what really happened to Barb. It gets a little misty in this episode.

So if you’ve watched the show and were looking for another 45 minutes of dwelling in the Stranger Things universe, then we think you’ll enjoy this deepest of dives…

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Flatland was written by Edwin Abbott Abbott (not “Edward Abbott” as referred to in this episode) — Sorry Eddie!

And Jason was write about the Tuskegee Experiment as well. All apologies on getting that nomenclature incorrect.

Let us know if you want to take part in our Side Quests, or have any suggestions for future episodes!

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