Episode 41:

Outer Wilds

This game blew us away! Really a fun surprise and we hope you had a chance to play it as well. Corrigan couldn’t be bothered to play with us this month, so it’s just Jason and Ben running around the galaxy, blowing s#@* up…but we thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. You will be missed dear Corrigan, but we’re excited to have you back next month!

Things got a little weird with the timeline and order this month (you’ll see why), but basically, after the intros, we get into the making-of at some point (around 5:15), then chat about the gameplay for…awhile after that. After some loopy moments in there, we chat about what beer and song this song might be (48:00), what else we’ve been playing (52:15), and then we of course pick next month’s game–with the help of Corri! (56:45). And since that’ll be our October game, it’ll be a bit spookier than normal. Look out!

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