Episode 20:


This month we’re bringing you another new game!!! I know…it’s weird. But we’re not apologizing for it, b/c we really enjoyed this little ditty. Strap on your space suit and hold your holographic cat close, we’re going to space!

After some quick intros, we get into the development and history of the game at about 2 min in which quickly bleeds into the gameplay for the next 30 min or so (we touch on the AR system specifically around the 30 min mark). We just had to play a round of “What’s The Beer? What’s The Song” at 33:15 and of course we finishing things by telling you what we’re playing next month at 39:30.

Don’t forget! Please send us a quick memo/audio of “Why do you play video games?” email us at molmfpod@gmail.com and we’ll play (at least some of) your audio on the show! Thanks so much for listening!


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