Between Two Chucks:

The College Years

A big part of classic video game history that is often looked over is the text-based game. During Jason’s last semester teaching, he assigned all of his students to write and develop a text-based game, all on their own. Out of that assignment, there were dozens of very interesting, original games, but after the students all played each other’s games, they voted two games “Thirsty Thursday” and “Love Me Tinder” as the two best games in the whole class.

Luckily for us, we were able to track down the two creators of those games (Hayley Zablotsky and Kaelson Little), and interview them on the podcast on this special B2C episode of MOLMF. We wanted to know how they thought of the ideas behind their games, what type of messages they wanted to convey through their stories, and even how they developed and coded their games.

Both of these games are available to play below, so check those out if you have a few minutes. We really enjoyed the games and had a great time learning even more about the creative processes behind them. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this behind-the-scenes interview with these two game designers as well.

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Here are the games we played. Both of which you can play both in your browser:

“Love Me Tinder” by Hayley Zablotsky

“Thirsty Thursday” by Kaelson Little

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