Stranger Things: The Game

If you heard our Side Quest episode on Stranger Things, then you know already we’re obsessed with the show. The Duffer Brothers have created somewhat of a phenomenon and have inspired creators all over the world with their inventie show that draws on a myriad of ’70s and ’80s-themed thrillers and entertainment.

The coolest ST-inspired art we’ve seen so far? That’s gotta be Jacob Janerka’s animated GIF here:


It’s a nod not only to the Stranger Things universe, but also the LucasArts games of old. Check out the interview with Jenerka here, and find out what his favorite LucasArts game is (Hint: We’ve already played it).

Also, make sure you check out Jenerka’s own point-and-click adventure game here. It looks awesome! we’ll definitely check it out when it’s available.

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