Episode #55

Escape From Monkey Island

We’re getting back to our roots and really pandering to our target audience (and ourselves) with this month’s throwback: Escape From Monkey Island. Released in Y2K, this beast of a puzzle-monkey-kombat-adventure game is full of some of our favorite characters, locations, inside jokes, and even a nod to the name of the pod itself! Hope you get a chance to play this gem, but if not, it’s kinda spoilerproof, so strap in and enjoy!

We talk A LOT about the game from a high level, then get into the gameplay specifics finally (26:15), before eventually playing an appetizing round of “What’s The Drink? What’s The Song?” (46:45). Of course we talk about every other game we’ve been playing as of late (65:30), and at some point get to talking about next month’s game (75:45). (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Donut County!)


As always, you can find the podcast in these places:

iTunes: https://goo.gl/ddhs94
Android: http://goo.gl/oibiSt
Stitcher: http://goo.gl/VTFQLM


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