Episode 44:

The Stanley Parable

We’re diving deeeeeep into The Stanley Parable this month as we debate whether or not we listen to that ever-present voice in our heads constantly telling us what to do. We hope you get a chance to play this marvelous game because even though the three of us differed on how much we liked this game overall, we each really appreciated different aspects of the game and it did some stuff we haven’t really seen anywhere else. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pod!

After some cursory introductory jib jab, we talk about the development of the game (6:00) and our experiences playing through all the different storylines as well (10:30), before debuting a NEW SEGMENT (36:30)!!! Woot. Then play a little WTDWTS (44:15) and what else we’ve been playing (56:00) before telling you what we’ll be playing for the next two months over the holiday break and into the new year.

See you in a few weeks for our holiday special!

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