Episode 56:

Donut County

Someday we’ll make it back to a 1980s LucasArts game…BUT NOT TODAY! This month we’re diving deep into Donut County and loving every sugary crumb of it. It’s not often a game is created, designed, programmed, scored, and produced by just one person…but this one somehow was and it’s kind of a masterpiece! So get your pink boxes ready and your dust off the powdered sugar from your favorite headphones. Let’s get into it…

As always, we meander through the intro and development before getting into the gameplay itself (29:30), then play a sweet little round of “What’s The Beer? What’s The Song?” (51:45) before dropping our first ever kids-led segment…Kid County! (64:30) Then we chat about the other loves in our lives…more video games we’ve been playing (67:45) and then we highlight Amber-Leigh Blake and Anamnesis (82:45).

Thanks again for listening! Have a great month and get on next month’s game. It’s a doozy.

Also, give it a listen to find out what game we’re playing next month.

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