Between Two Chucks:

A Conversation with Corrigan Vaughan

This is our first non-game-specific podcast episode and we’ve landed on the name “Between Two Chucks”. Hopefully by know you’re able to connect the dots, but if not, here are two links that should help: Between Two Ferns & Chuck The Plant

Now, onto the show…

During our Secret of Monkey Island episode with Corrigan Vaughan, we ended up having a great conversation about some of the commentary and impact that video games have (specifically Monkey Island, but we expound outside of LA games as well), and the widespread stereotyping of characters and people groups within them.

We do touch briefly on the fact that LucasArts often turns those stereotypes on their heads, being a satirical, highly-intelligent staff of creatives, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Give it a quick listen and let us know your thoughts. If nothing else, hopefully it sparks a conversation, or at least makes you think about characters and their depictions in gaming.

Thanks for stopping by!

Listen here or play the episode below:

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