Up Next: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Man oh man, the memories come flooding back when we think about all the hours and years we spent playing the sequel to the amazing Secret of Monkey Island. We’ve talked about it a few times over the past year, but we spent a LOT of time on this one. Maybe second only to Sam & Max (we should really play that soon…).

We’ll be playing this one throughout January, and we’ll post the podcast episode on February 3rd.

You can buy this gem at a few places actually. Firstly, at our old standby GOG.com it’s $10, or you can by this and the first one for $20 combined, and they both come with the original manuals–pretty neat actually. It’s available in the Steam store for $10, or in the same bundle with SoMI for only $15. No notes about the manuals though…so good luck there. We bought ours on GOG of course.

We’ll be posting on Twitter, Instagram, and FB all about our progress. Feel free to do the same! Good luck!



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