adventurer_04_pg01From 1990 through 1996 LucasArts published a short newsletter called The Adventurer. I remember finding it included in the various swag that always accompanied LucasArts games (Dial-A-Pirate, registration cards, creative instruction manuals–we need to write an adventure about the swag at some point). It had a pretty big impact on my young, moldable mind, to the extent that we call these posts “adventurer_5_pg12adventures” largely because of that newsletter.

Every¬†issue contained interviews, stories, puzzles, a catalog of LucasArts paraphernalia, and (my personal favorite) a Sam and Max comic. Sam and Max were a canine shamus and a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing respectively–and, yes, I did write that quote from deep adolescent memories, but I’m pretty sure it’s right. Don’t worry, there will be a few Sam and Max adventures posted in the future. Ben and I loved those two.

I remember trading the issues with friends because some of us would hadventurer_01_pg03ave gotten one game and others another, but we wanted to make sure we read every issue of The Adventurer. Steve Purcell did most of the art throughout and his clever, gross humor pervaded its pages. I remember howling at the disturbing comics he drew, wondering how it was possible someone was allowed to be this funny.

Ben and I were talking about it the other day and wishing we still had some of those Adventurers to read. Wipe away those tears and pull yourself together, gentle reader, for all thirteen¬†issues (1-14, there was no 13) are available to read freely online. Ryan Khatam has been kind enough to post them on his blog, and I suggest you stop what you’re doing and read them now.

Wait, why did I pretend I didn’t know what you’re doing? You’re reading this. Don’t stop what you’re doing! We have so much more to discuss! Like, maybe you and I could play the Sam and Max Hit the Road boardgame???


Ok, I’m done. Now you can stop reading this and go read every issue of The Adventurer.

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