Episode 39:

Life Is Strange

It’s officially Stranger Things season, and we’re keeping things strange on the pod by talking all about the 2015 episodic adventure Life Is Strange. Strap on your adolescent and melodramatic murder mystery hats!

After some high level tomfoolery, we finally get into the development of the game (5:00), and dive deeeeeep into the gameplay eventually (27:00). After a long and lovely discussion on that, we talk about what might be the libation and what might be the tune most related to this game (61:00), and of course chat about what other games we might be playing simultaneously (73:00). Then we end with talking about next month’s game. Give it a listen to find out!

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  • Corrigan’s drink was a bottle red (red) wine and her song was “It’ll Be Better” by Francis and the Lights
  • Jason’s drink was Natty Ice and his song was “Sea of Love” by Cat Power
  • Ben’s drink was Hendricks Gin and his song was “Lua” by Bright Eyes

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