State of the Film

Star Wars – Part 1: Filmmaking

Thanks for downloading our first ever “State of the Film” special episode! Today we’re talking all about Star Wars. That’s right, we cover all 9 Star Wars films, including both “Rogue One” and the recently announced “The Last Jedi” (that comes out in 9 months). We’re getting technical with you (sorry Threepio) and discussing the films primarily from a filmmaking perspective.

We brought in a few filmmakers to help us out, so I hope you enjoy the dulcet tones of Dominic Laing and Jorge Castellanos who both share with us the genius, and the not-so-genius moments of the franchise’s 40-year history. We really enjoyed chatting with them, and they both had some very interesting insights we’d never even thought about before.

This is the first of two parts, so look out for the second part coming soon, which will tackle Star Wars from the fan perspective, where we really take a look at the state of the franchise to see how it’s holding up, and if the new movies are doing justice to the originals. Stay tuned!

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