I am Chaos. Join me.

Welcome to Men of Low Moral Fiber, a podcast in which our intrepid heroes play old LucasArts video games and talk about them. The first few episodes are in the can and will be posted over the next few weeks. We aim to put out one podcast a month. Each episode will focus on a LucasArts game. Ben and Jason will play the game separately, then get together to report on their progress. There will be games, fun, and trivia!

And, as our dear governor Elaine Marley has shown us, anyone can be a man of low moral fiber. All pirates welcome!

As if Men of Low Moral Fiber was not esoteric enough, we titled our first post with a deep cut. First person to name the game our title references in the comments below gets a high five and their name mentioned on an upcoming podcast (high-fives only available to residents of particular areas of California and Texas).

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