Episode 34:

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II – The Sith Lords

Starting off 2019 with some classic Star Wars gaming! We covered the original KOTOR a few months ago, so make sure you check that one out too. But really, just two great SW titles. We spent over 75 hours combined completing this one, so we hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we enjoyed playing the game!

After intros and backstories, we get into the character-by-character breakdowns and talk more gameplay (17:00), then play some WTBWTS (47:15). Then of course we chat about what else we’ve been playing and what we’re playing next month (56:45). Looking forward to it! Hope you enjoyed this ep too!

Also, give it a listen to find out what game we’re playing next month.

As always, you can find the podcast in these places:

iTunes: https://goo.gl/ddhs94
Android: http://goo.gl/oibiSt
Stitcher: http://goo.gl/VTFQLM

Listen here or play it below.


  • That book we keep mentioning is Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts by Rob Smith, and it’s a fantastic overview of the history of LucasArts with thousands of stories and illustrations. I always learn something new every time I open it up.
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