Episode 15:

Thimbleweed Park

No ‘90s game for us this month! Nope. This month we play the brand spanking new Thimbleweed Park! It only came out a month ago, so we’re getting on this train pretty early. From the creative minds of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick (Maniac Mansion & Monkey Island), this kickstarted game was a blast from the past. A delight to play a new game that plays like a revamped click-and-pointer from the early days of LucasArts. Hope you had a chance to play the game. Here we go…

After a quick intro to the game, we dig into some of the recent history of Thimbleweed Park at 3:00, then we deeply dive into the gameplay at 11:00. After that we play a friendly match of “What’s The Beer? What’s The Song?” at 36:00, and we visit our old friend, Chuck The Plant at 43:30 and pick next month’s game at 47:00. Then we end things with some steamy LucasArts fanfic from our marketing supervisor (thanks Patreon patrons!) at 51:30, as well as a brand new segment we’ve lovingly entitled Recommendation Station at 54:45. We hope you enjoy it!  

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