7 Video Game Puzzles That Made No !@$&ing Sense

If you’ve played any point-and-click adventures, you know that some of the puzzles are absolutely inspired. These are the puzzles that make you feel stumped. They seem impossible. And then something amazing happens and your gestalt switch flips and everything makes sense.

This post is not about those puzzles.

This post is about the other puzzles. The ones that make you feel stupid. And then when you finally get it, make you feel like the game designer is stupid. Or just mean (looking at you, King’s Quest).

Cracked put together a very nice video on some of the most frustrating puzzles in video game history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVgpf2Ttz48 Don’t worry, we’re equal opportunity offenders: a few of the puzzles were created by our heroes. 

In the comments section, let us know which puzzle they missed! Best answer gets their name read on a future podcast.

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